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  • IronGrif guided tour Welcome to IronGrif, you are on your workouts page now, but you don't have any workouts, yet. So let us make them.
  • So how can we add exercises? Let's look at this closer. We have two options. First, by clicking on we will be asked some questions to pick the best plan for us. Second, we can add exercise manually!
  • or by clicking on Create a custom workout plan we will be able to choose the exercises by ourselves, but hey, don't hurry to pick that option. We make some magic for you, click next
  • Here you see some exercises that we picked for you, exactly how you see them on the exercises page. Click on plus to add it to your workout list!
  • At any stage, you can go to exercise page to see the correct technique, after exercise complete, click on the exercise to count the training.
  • Thank you for joining us on our journey! now. To go to the next level of the tour.