people tell what made them become addicted to sports

15 People tell how they got addicted to sports

We asked people what made them addicted to sports, those are some of the best answers, hope it gives you motivation.

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"At age 39 with a personal trainer, otherwise it wouldn’t happen. I gave up a psychological therapy to pay for a personal trainer, the best choice I’ve ever made."

"When it became important enough for me to lose weight."

"At the age of 32 I was fat and for other reasons moved in to a building that has a gym in it. I started to go everyday before work for a walk on the treadmill, and after a few years I now addicted and go 7+ times a week and have a six pack."

"I’ve started doing sports because of the diet I did, and I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with it.
I finally got addicted when I started doing CrossFit. I got to CrossFit after years at the gym, where the workouts always been boring and monotonous for me.
I’ve came to CrossFit with zero expectations, and somehow fell in love with it.
What I love about it is that every workout is different, I never get bored, I make achievements I’ve never thought I can, and this feeling of success is addictive."

"The amazing feeling I have after gym is what drives me. Sometimes I feel so good after a workout that walk an hour home instead taking the bus, just because I’m full with energy, this adrenalin rush is addictive."

"When I saw the results in the mirror, it was shown in the way I present myself and the way others perceive me. That was addictive in the best way."

"When I’ve found a sport that is truly interesting to me, and not just fills your brain with chemicals making you feel happy but still bored."

"When I realised this is a good excuse to listen to music."

"When I realised that the sport I’m doing allows me to hit people and not sit in jail afterwards."

"It took about half a year, maybe even more, when it stopped being a punishment and became a challenge. I understood it fills me with energy, That I see real improvement, after a workout I feel better, I sleep better, my mood is better. From that point on it became a hobby. It might sound like a cliché, but you need to move through the first period."

"It changes your whole mood, the feeling throughout the body becomes lighter. But the real addiction started when my butt became toned."

"When I found a sport that feels fun and not like a punishment, and that makes me love myself instead of hating. "

"In the last few years I’ve started dancing, I’ve fell in love with it from the first moment, because it is a sport where you are interacting with awesome people, and it has music I enjoy. And I don’t know any other sport in which it legitimate to wear a dress and apply makeup for. "

"Unexpectedly, I became motivated when I realized I’m never going to be like those big muscular guys on youtube. I run once a week, go to wall climbing twice a week, and lift weights at home for 20 minutes a day. Its not much, but I love any one of those routines, and they keep me healthy, which is enough for me."

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