Reason to workout

44 good reasons to workout

We know its not easy to always motivate yourself to exercise, sometimes you're too tired, or don't have the time, or just really don't want to.
Read the following list to remind yourself of all the benefits of exercise and why it is really worth the time and effort.


  1. To have a better mood - Exercise cause the release of chemicals such as endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine which all help to elevate your mood and fight depression.
  2. To improve my health - Regular exercise helps prevent or manage many health issues and diseases. This includes diabetes, heart issues, stroke, high blood pressure, and even some types of cancer.
  3. To live longer.
  4. To look better - doesn’t matter if you’re looking to get slimmer, bigger, more muscular or more toned, exercise is the way to get there.
  5. To lose fat.
  6. To have more energy - It might seem counter intuitive, but over the long term you’ll be much more energetic. Because your body will do all your daily activities more easily and efficiently. You’ll have better blood flow, better breathing, more endurance and stronger body, all resulting in much less feeling of fatigue.
  7. To be stronger.
  8. To boost creativity - Exercise improves both convergent and divergent thinking, the two types associated with enhanced creativity.
  9. To gain muscle mass.
  10. To have a better immune functioning – Regular exercise have been found to increase the number of immune cells in your body. And prevent the thymus, the gland responsible for the hormones that control the immune system from shrinking as you grow older.
  11. To be better protected from injuries – Many orthopedic injuries are caused by weak muscles and muscle imbalances. The right exercises can protect your joints from getting too much stress. Just make sure to train right, training with the wrong technique might cause more harm to the joints than good.
  12. To reduce blood pressure - You might not show any symptoms yet, but high blood pressure will damage your blood vessels overtime. Exercise can lower your blood pressure for 12 hours after the workout, and a few months of regular exercise, can lower your blood pressure in the long term.
  13. To lower insulin resistance - Insulin resistance is a condition in which your body and cells slowly become less sensitive to insulin. This leads to many problems like fat gain, excess hunger, high blood sugar, diabetes, fatty liver and more. But exercise have been shown to manage it and even reverse the damage, especially high intensity exercise.
  14. To keep the bones strong - With ageing, bones can become very weak and fragile - a condition called osteoporosis. This bone thinning process puts the bones at a greater risk of breaking. But exercise help to make your bones stronger. Bones are like muscles, when you exercise the bone adapts by building more cells and becoming more dense.
  15. To sleep better - Having trouble to fall a sleep? One of the best ways to fight insomnia is to exercise regularly. You’ll fall asleep easier because all the extra energy you have spent, Just don't exercise too close to bedtime, or you may be too energized to go to sleep.
  16. To have better sex life - Exercise improves libido, blood circulation and sexual functioning. It also will improve your body image making you to feel and be more attractive.
  17. To boost testosterone - Most men’s testosterone levels start to drop around the age of 40. And this result in many health issues, lower sex drive, lower bone density, muscle loss and more. Exercise is a natural way to boost your testosterone levels, focus on big compound movements that works many large muscle groups to get the most benefit.
  18. For a stronger heart - Your heart is a muscle, and working it will make it stronger and healthier.
  19. To become toned.
  20. To finally have that amazing big round butt - its all about the squats
  21. To be more productive - Exercise makes you more alert and focused by increasing blood flow to your brain. It will also give you more energy, and better mood all resulting in much higher work productivity.
  22. To respect my body more – after seeing all the amazing things your body can do and working so hard for it, trust us, you’re going to love and respect your body so much more.
  23. To have a healthy pregnancy - Pregnancy requires a lot from your body, its not easy to carry a child inside you. Having a strong and fit body will help you to go through pregnancy and childbirth more easily and to recover and heal faster afterwards.
  24. It will help your fertility – Men who exercise have higher sperm count, and higher sperm quality. Women who exercise have lower rates overall of infertility, higher rates of implantation, and lower rates of miscarriage.
  25. To have a better posture - Exercise will strengthen the muscles, including the core muscles responsible for your posture, instead of reminding yourself to stand up straight, you will be standing with a better posture naturally.
  26. To have better balance -Exercise improves your balance both by improving the connection between your brain and body, and by making the stabilizing muscles stronger.
  27. To improve my self-esteem – You’ll look better, feel better, have more confidence, love your body and what it can do, all resulting in a higher self-esteem.
  28. To be more flexible - Flexibility is an aspect of health many people tend to overlook. But being more flexible has many benefits: a better range of motion, injury prevention, improved blood circulation, reduced stress and less pain caused by stiff or tight muscles.
  29. To manage chronic pain – It is often hard to exercise with chronic pain, but staying active is usually recommended because of its many benefits: exercise have been shown to help decrease inflammation, increase mobility, and decrease overall pain levels. A physiotherapist can recommend stretching and strengthening exercises to help with your specific condition.
  30. To reduce stress - The endorphins released during exercise are natural stress fighters. And Regular exercise tends to decrease cortisol levels in the long term, leading to lower stress levels.
  31. Be able to lift heavy things - It will make your life easier.
  32. It reduces the 'bad' fat – Visceral fat it the fat in your midsection wrapped around your internal organs. This kind of fat does a lot of damage for your health. Exercise help to reduce fat in general, but visceral fat is especially susceptible to exercise. High-intensity interval training being the best.
  33. Reduce back pain - If you’re over the age of 25 you probably had one or two episodes of horrible back pain in your life, or you might suffer from it chronically. Back pain is usually caused by weak core muscles, the right exercise plan can strengthen those muscles and reduce the pain in the long term.
  34. To be able to carry your child – Children are heavy, they born at 3kg and grow bigger every day, so if you want to be able to lift your kid at an older age, you need to get stronger.
  35. To be able to play with my kid – Kids have endless energy, you don't want to find yourself out of breath after just two minutes of play. The more endurance you have, the longer you can play with them.
  36. To get sick less frequently – A study has found that people who regularly exercise have been found to catch a cold or flu half as often as people who don’t. And even when they got sick, the symptoms were less severe.
  37. To fight depression – There is a lot of research that suggest that exercise can be very effective to treat depression, for some people it might be even more effective than medication, and the best is, it has no negative side effects.
  38. To get old slower – exercise can really slower the old age, on the cellular level. The telomeres are part of the DNA that define how long the cell will live, moderate exercise can lengthen your telomeres by up to 10 percent. This actually means exercise can slow the aging process.
  39. To manage thyroid issues -Regular exercise, even at the most moderate levels, is important for anyone with underactive thyroid. Exercise helps to manage symptoms, including fatigue, weight gain, and joint stiffness.
  40. To manage PMS symptoms - Regular exercise have shown to reduce the symptoms of PMS, especially depression and anger. Exercise helps to balance sex hormones, and elevates your mood. Exercise during your period also helps to deal with pain and fatigue.
  41. To have a better skin tone - Exercise helps to nourish skin cells and keep them vital by increasing the blood flow. It also helps to clear waste products from the skin.
  42. It reduces risk of metabolic syndrome - Metabolic syndrome is a collection of heart disease risk factors that increase your chance of developing heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. It develops over years when your cells slowly become less sensitive to insulin. Exercise have shown to reduce insulin resistance, helping to obliterate and even reverse the damage of a metabolic syndrome.
  43. It can be fun – Find a sport that you truly enjoy doing, this way you won’t get bored and feel like you have to workout, you’ll want to.
  44. Helps prevent some types of cancer - Regular exercise has been linked to significantly decreased the risk of 13 types of cancer, including breast, colon, and blood cancer.







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