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What’s new in IronGrif: More exercises, faster app, and a ton of new features! [ 2019 summary ]

Its already three months inside 2020, and it's the best time to make a summary of what was achieved in 2019 and to share the plans for 2020.

If you’re like us, the last 12 months have been full of work, life, and everything in between.

In that rush, it’s really easy to forget just how much you’ve accomplished in a year.

Today is a good day to slow down and look back at the big picture.


Key changes:

Added option to add your exercises

New calendar page on the app

The ability to add workouts om missed date

Re-evaluate the avatar

And much more

Added option to add your exercises.

It was a requested feature (thanks Molly), now you can add your exercise, set the correct muscle impact, and start training even if ironGrif don’t have that exercise.

New calendar page on the app.

We have added a new calendar feature (on mobile and the app), to make more easer to navigate and review the progress made.

it’s a great tool to view everything from the top and make a new decision in the coming workouts or add missed ones.

The ability to add workouts om missed date.

Rudiments of this feature were present before, but we took it to a new level.

We have been thinking for a long time whether it is worth adding such a feature.

Since, in theory, it can endorse irresponsibility as when you know there will be no consequences, for your workout miss, you will miss more, or on the other side, you will rely too much on your memory to add the workout later.

Wich may never come, in addition, our memory is unreliable and we badly remember things from a week, or even a couple of days ago.

the good news is the freedom outweighed the cons, as some time we just really don't have time and it will not be unfair to get punished for it.

So now you can go after a couple of missed days and add the missed workout.

Could I recommend this?

Definitely not!

As I said before we have real problems remembering the correct details of past events, especially if the days after training followed by eventful days.

Re-evaluate the avatar.

Perhaps it is not surprising that one of the main features of our platform is the avatar, and it is also not surprising that the most visited page is the workout page.

Therefore, the avatar occupied the top of the page, and we had to scroll down to the bottom to find the exercises, no more!

It was a difficult decision because I damn love the avatar and it was and still my sacred cow, but the tests don't lie.

Exercises side by side with the avatar

The idea of moving the avatar to the side seriously improved the workout flow, and giving leadership to the exercises was justified. (thanks to Ran)

Even now it's pretty easy to watch the avatar, although the avatar has become less visible it still there and easy to get.

Much more.

New you will receive a weekly email of the work made with great insights.

Weekly email of muscle training volume graph chart

Now on clicking on sorting exercise by made today, we will comper current workout to the previous workouts, to motivate to beat the previous workout or at least made the same work.

Sort by started, compered to the previous workout

A ton of under the hood and UI improvements.

We completely redesigned most of the main app features.

It’s including, how you search for new exercises, organize your plans, and add new workouts.

This allows us, in addition to improving security, significantly increase the speed of the entire app.

And we only started.

Roadmap to the future.

Even more scientific approach, we find ourselves on a huge wave of research and are constantly looking for new ways to implement the latest research into the app.

I am a big fan of Schoenfeld's volume approach and look forward to creating, even more, features based on these studies.

Even more motivation, our workout story provides us insights into the workouts and progress. Bringing that story to life in vivid terms. This will help us progress even more on those insights. And we already thinking about how to improve this aspect even more.

Splits feature will be returned to the plans and improved, as the previous one was too hard to manage for users. It will be in the test in the near future. Researching social and sharing features.

Do you want to influence our plans?

Have a great idea or improvement? Write us

did I already tell you that your feedback is important?


It's a big update we are rolling, we probably broke something, if you find any issues please let us know.


March 2, 2020, updated Mar 10, 2020 | by Artyom

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