25 memes everyone who is doing a diet will relate to

Being on a diet is rough. So much tasty food you can't eat is sure to be depressing. But on the bright side, there is nothing better than to laugh on your own pain.
So we collected the best memes, that you will definitely relate to.


1. This is how it starts

when summer is coming and your winter body got out of control



2. First comes denial

when you cant understand why you don't lose any weight



3. Then it's anger

I understand your pain

when someone eat whatever they want and stay skinny and you just look at a cookie



4. Time for Bargaining

What do we ant meme - to start a diet



5. And more Bargaining

when I say I want to lose weight and someone says "lets go to the gym"



6. And yes, even more Bargaining

Surely there is a loophole here somewhere!

my trainer said i can have one slice of pizza



7. I mean, do you really need all that?

when you kinda want abs but you kinda want to eat 17 donuts and 3 large pizza



8. You finally decide to give it a try

"ok, this is not so bad, actually"

That feeling when you eat one vegetable diet memes



9. You can do it!

You feel really motivated and inspired

started my new diet today this is how it went



10. Oops, let's just try again

when you start your diet on Monday morning and it only lasts till lunch


11. Time for depression

Everything sucks

when everyone else is eating cookies and other delicious shit diet memes



12. Hard times

I have never been so hungry my entire life - diet quotes



13. You know what your problem is

I have got 99 problems and they all involve carbs



14. Have you tried the Paleo diet yet?

when you been on low sugar low card diet for 5 years



15. Maybe you should try ketogenic?

when you cut sugar and carbs from your diet



16. That one time you read about gluten

me looking at bread after reading about gluten



17. Thank god for cheat days!

that feeling when a cheat meal turns into a cheat week



18. And everyone knows calories don't count on weekends

Calories also don't count when you eat someone else's food.

when you look back at all the stuff you ate in the weekend



19. Sometimes there's good days

when i don't ruin my diet for an entire day - the struggle is real



20. When you mess up one time 

Gained 2 kgs

me dieting and going to the gym for 5 months vs one cookie



21. After all that work?

when the pounds are trying to come back and I like: we ain't together no more!



22. At last, you accept it

fit girls be like i just smell it diet memes



23. Give me more of that cucumber

hot it feels walking down the junk food aisle diet memes



24. They tell you the easiest way is to fill your house with healthy meals

I hate it when healthy me does the groceries diet memes



25. Finally, you see results!

Results are the sweetest meal you can have

when you start to lose weight and your boobs are like - i volunteer







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