Welcome to IronGrif

IronGrif is a fitness app
designed for weight lifters
to help you train better.

What do we do?

Exercise made easy
Just open our app and start training in seconds, we will help you to know which exercises to do and what muscles to focus on.
Training programs
Weather you’re a hardcore gym goer, or a beginner looking to get fit at home. We will find the plan that suits you best.
Build your own training routine
Use our flexible system to build and track your unique workout plan.
Stay motivated
Track your progress and receive detailed statistics. We will remember your exercises and weights, so you can focus on training harder.

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The app is completely free.
No sign up is required.

Exercise Database

Find the exercise you need, browse our huge database by muscle, equipment and type.

Discover new exercises, and find new variations for the exercise you already love.

Learn how to get the most out of each exercise. improve your form and find out how to train safer.

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Achieve your goals

Achieve your goals

Build muscle mass

Get stronger

Lose weight

Improve fitness level