Standing Cable Wood Chop

While you can work your abs lying down, the most effective core exercises are functional moves done standing. Functional exercises mimic everyday moves and easily translate to real-life activities.
The cable wood chop is a great exercise to strengthen your entire body, The primary focus of the exercise is the abs and core muscles, especially the obliques, which drive the twisting motion. And it also works the glutes, hamstrings, back, and shoulders.

Exercise Video

How to do

  1. Attach a handle to the high part of the cable pulley machine. Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder width. Grab the handle with both hands.
  2. In one motion, pull the handle down and across your body to your opposite hip while rotating your torso. Imagine you're swinging an axe across your body.
  3. Keep your arms straight and do not round your back.
  4. Reverse the motion, controlling the weight on the cable as you return to the starting position. do not drop the handle, the return movement is just as important as the initial movement.
  5. Do the required number of reps, and repeat with the other side.

  6. Do not bend your arms. When you bend your arms, you immediately involve the triceps, shoulders and even your lats to a degree, which lessens the move’s effectiveness for the core. You may have to lighten the weight, but keep your arms as straight as possible throughout.

    Rotate at your waist and hips, don't just move your arms. This exercise is made to focus on your core, make sure to keep your arms in front of you the whole movement.

    Don’t stop short of the movement’s complete range of motion. Reach way up and completely rotate your torso, then bend your legs (not shown) so that you can reach almost to the opposite knee.

    Keep your abs tight during the entire movement.

Bad for your back if done wrong

This exercise is great for core strength, but your form needs to exactly perfect to do it safely.
There a lot to go wrong here: you should keep the back straight as you go down and bend from the hips, as bending the back under load is really dangerous. You should also rotate from the hips and not from the back and keep the core braced and tight as you lift your arms overhead.
So basically, if you're new at training, you will probably do it wrong, there's a lot to learn and perfect here. So if you still want to do this exercise make sure to have a trainer to guide you. Don't think you can do it right just cause you read something on the internet, You don't want to get an herniated disc when you just started training.

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