Reverse cable woodchop

The Reverse cable woodchop increases strength throughout the core with an emphasis on the obliques. It is a compound exercise that works on several big muscle groups in the same time.
A cable machine can allow you a more natural movement than a traditional weight machine and recruit more muscles to coordinate and control this movement. Greater muscle recruitment can mean a more challenging and efficient exercise. The reverse wood chop is an excellent example. This exercise will require arms, shoulders and back muscle groups to hold the cable in position, but the movement will primarily involve the legs, hips and core as you rotate, and all the muscle groups have to be perfectly coordinated to maintain your balance.
This exercise is similar to the standard woodchop, but here you lift the weight from bottom up. The standard chop targets the front "six pack" abs, while the reverse puts more emphasis on the back muscles.

Exercise Video

How to do

  1. Adjust your cable machine or resistance band so that the handle or anchor point is low to ground.
  2. Begin with a slight bend in your knees, feet a little more that shoulder width apart. Hold the handle down with both hands to the side of one hip.
  3. Pull the weight up and above your head to the opposite side, pivoting your hips and feet and following the handle with your eyes. Remember to keep the core tight, back straight and arms extended.
  4. With the same good control, return to start. Do the required number of reps, then switch sides.

  5. Do not use too much weight, Remember that keeping a proper form is more important than having a lot of weight. The woodchop designed to train your core, the movement should primarily result in your hips and abs, and not require a lot of arms strength.

Horrible for your back if done wrong

This exercise is great for core strength, but your form needs to exactly perfect to do it safely.
There a lot to go wrong here: you should keep the back straight as you go down and bend from the hips, as bending the back under load is really dangerous. You should also rotate from the hips and not from the back and keep the core braced and tight as you lift your arms overhead.
So basically, if you're new at training, you will probably do it wrong, there's a lot to learn and perfect here. So if you still want to do this exercise make sure to have a trainer to guide you. Don't think you can do it right just cause you read something on the internet, You don't want to get an herniated disc when you just started training.

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