Otis Up is a unique compound exercise that works the upper abdominal muscles but also includes a pressing action to target the shoulders.
With the pressing part of the exercise, your core has to remain tight in order to stabilize the upper body and support the lower back.

Exercise Video

How to do

  1. Lay flat on the floor bending your knees, you can secure your feet under some surface or dumbbells for a better stability.
  2. With both hands, hold a barbell plate on your upper chest.
  3. Pull your chest up towards you knees, until you sit up.
  4. Stabilize your upper body then press the barbell plate straight up extending you arms.
  5. Lower the barbell plate down to your chest, then lay down in return to the starting position. then repeat for targeted number of reps.

  6. It is better to use a lighter weight and a high number of reps for this exercise. Using a heavy weight might cause you to break your form, and hurt your lower back. focus on technique rather than on weight.

Very dangerous for the lower back

This exercise is basically a sit-up with some extra weight. and although it will work your abs and arms you might end up with a broken back unable to get out of bed.
The sit up movement involve too much flexion of the spine under load, and adding a weight plate just puts more load on the spine. This kind of movement puts the spine in a bad position and the disc under way too much pressure. Lifting the weight plate overhead in the end makes it even worse and puts even more pressure on the discs. This is the kind of stuff that causes herniated discs to begin with.
If you care about your spine we suggest just to avoid it.

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