Landmine 180's

Landmine 180’s is a functional, and incredibly effective exercise that will develop strength throughout your entire core, and will improve the twisting movement of your torso.
Although this exercise does not engage that much of your rectus abdominus muscle, which is the outer ab muscle, also known as the six pack. this exercise will strengthen your entire core, especially the inner muscles.
It primarily works on the transverse adbominis which is the inner ab muscle behind the six-pack, and it also works on the inner and outer obliques which are the muscles that run on the sides of your abs.
In addition to the abdominals, you will be exercising your lower back, glutes and shoulders.

Exercise Video

How to do

  1. Put the needed weight on the landmine bar, stand infront of the bar with your legs widely apart for good balance.
  2. Lift up the bar to about shoulder height using both hands with arms extended infront of you.
  3. Use your torso and hips to swing the bar from side to side in a half circle motion. you should completely swing the weight down to one side, while keeping your arms extended the whole movement.
  4. Return to the starting position with the bar on shoulder height, then swing it to the other side.

  5. We recommend using a landmine, But if its not available, you can also do this exercise by placing a barbell at the corner of a room, just make sure it is properly secured and wont slide to avoid injuring yourself.

    Make sure to use a weight you can control. the swinging motion might easily cause you to dangerously drop the bar if the weight is too heavy.

    Keep your core tight throughout the exercise.

    Always have a good grip on the barbell using both hands.

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