Face pulls with band

Face pulls with bands in some cases preferred then regular face pulls with cable, because it has several important advantages.
First one is the tension, which is greater on the peak point where the muscle in the most right position in order to engage the rear delts and increase in muscle.
Second it's much easier to set up the correct tension, it's enough to just make a step in forward or back to set yourself in the right place.

Exercise Video

How to do

  1. Attach the band to something very firm, on the levels of your head.
  2. Choose position where the tension is high enough to allowing your needed reps.
  3. Pull the weight directly towards your face.
  4. For progression just create more distance from of the bend fixing point

    Find something realy firm and stable to connect the bend. There only one rule, the object that you fix the bend to, should be strong enough to keep the bend on high tension, a pole or strong tree will be the best. You do not want that piece of iron or other hard thing will meet your face on a high speed. The list of good things you want in your face is really short, a flowers or feathers on high speed is ok, but a door handle in your face is very very bad, and dangerous.

    You can use more than one band to make the exercise most comfortable.

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