Parallel Bar dips

The triceps dips is one of the best exercises you can do to build huge triceps, and it will also work your chest and shoulders. This is a body weight exercise that requires a simple two parallel bars.

The parallel bar dips is a massive muscle builder for two reasons. First, It lets you to lift a lot of weight. You need to lift your whole body weight with this exercise, Lifting that much with skullcrushers or tricep presses is nearly impossible. More weight means more muscle activation.

Second, it is a compound movement that works many major muscle groups at once. In addition to the triceps, you'll be working the chest, shoulders and back, and even your abs and core.

Despite being a great and simple exercise, parallel tricep dips are far from being easy, and many people won't be able to do them on their first time. A great Place to start is to do dips with your feet on the ground, Like doing the Bench dips. Another good way to progress to full bodyweight dips is the assisted dips machine.

Exercise Video

How to do

  1. Raise yourself on two dip bars with straight arms. Palms facing in.
  2. Lower your body by bending your arms until your shoulders are below your elbows. Lean your torso slightly forward.
  3. Lift your body back up to the starting position by straightening your arms.

  4. Tilt your torso forward a bit to maintain proper shoulder alignment when performing parallel bar dips. Your elbows should stay approximately over your hands, so your shoulders will wind up in front of them.

    You can vary the degree to which you leaning your torso, and doing so can change which muscles are emphasized – the more you lean forward, the more you're working your chest; the more upright you stay, the more you're working your triceps.

    Keep your abs tight throughout the exercise. Don't let your hips or legs swing back and forth while you move. Maintaining a slight bend in your knees or crossing the ankles might help you with stability.

    Keep your shoulders back and down, don't let the shrug or roll forward.

    Bend your elbows until they are at least in a 90 degrees angle. It is important to work the full range of motion. You can go even lower even until your armpits touch the bars, but it puts a lot of stress on your shoulders, Go for only as far as your shoulders allow without feeling pain.

    The distance between the bars and their thickness will affect the exercise difficulty. The exercise will be easier with thinner bars or if the bars are more far apart from each other (as long as they are not too much far apart). Bars than are positioned closer together, or more thick will increase the difficulty.

    If you lack the strength to do a single Dip, do negatives. Skip the way up for now and only do the way down on which you’re stronger. Lower yourself slowly until your shoulders are below your elbows. Then put your feet on the floor and jump back on the dip bars with straight arms.

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