Ab roller

An ab wheel is among the best home fitness equipment you can get to strengthen and tone your abs and core. It is inexpensive and needs almost no place to store and use.
This is a Compound exercise that also trains secondary muscles such as your shoulders, hamstrings, arms, and chest.
When using the ab roller, your core moves to prevent your back from arching, while flexing the spine to both stretch and contract your abs through a full range of motion. This movement provides a huge challenge to your rectus abdominus, the six pack muscle, as well as deep spinal stabilizers

Exercise Video

How to do

  1. Begin kneeling on the floor.
  2. Grasp the handles of your wheel with your arms extended.
  3. Engage your abs and slowly roll forward until your belly is just above the floor, keeping your arms extended in front of you.
  4. Return to starting position by rolling back in to your knees.

  5. Keep your head down in neutral position with your chin slightly tucked during the roll. This will help protect your lower back and neck.
    Avoid arching your lower back as you roll out. You can tell if this is happening if you begin to feel a slight pinching in your lower back. This can be avoided by shortening your roll and/or doing the roll on your knees while pulling in your lower abs.
    keeping a proper form is important. The goal is to activate the core. But when done incorrectly, the ab wheel can put stress and strain on your back and hip flexors.
    This exercise puts stress on your lower back, It is better not to do it if you suffer from lower back problems.
    As you get more advanced you can do this exercise from the plank position - standing on your toes, and not using your knees. Later you can start the exercise while standing up.
    This exercise might be hard for beginners, only extend the wheel to the point where you can control it, even if it is not much, with some practice, you'll get better and better.

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