Farmer's Walk

If you want to get a bigger and stronger body that is better performing anything you ask it to do, the farmer's walk is a great exercise for you.
It is one of the most functional exercises around, purely because of the fact it was a necessity in daily life. humans have done this for ages, and still to this day being able to pick up heavy objects and carry them for a distance is quite beneficial.

The Farmer's Walk puts the majority of muscles in your body under major amounts of tension for the duration of the exercise – your forearms control your grip on the implement, both biceps and triceps stabilize. Your upper back and traps have to work against pulling your shoulders down and your chest crumbling, your core has to work to keep you standing straight under the massive weight, your legs need to walk and your cardiovascular system takes a beating.

A stronger, tighter core gives your arms and legs a more powerful base for running fast, throwing hard, and performing heavy lifts, so you'll be better at any activity you do. On top of strengthening your whole body, this exercise also will reduce body fat and improve your cardio, all while it is simple to learn and has very little risk of injury.

This movement is quite different than the regular lifts done at the gym, leading you to use stabilizing muscles that would normally be missed, and promoting greater muscle synergy.

The farmer's walk can be done with many different equipment. You can do it with a dedicated farmer's bars, heavy dumbbells, kettlebells, trap-bars, or even with some heavy water jags or sand bags.

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How to do

  1. Pick up a weight in each hand, you can use dumbbells, kettlebells, or any other heavy object you have.
  2. Lift it up, use your legs and not your back to lift it off the ground safely.
  3. Straighten your posture, get tall, look straight ahead.
  4. Walk for as long as you can, keep your back and arms straight, and your shoulders back.

  5. Keep your body tight and straight, it's important to work on good positioning, even if it means you'll have to use less weight. Squeeze the glutes and brace the core. Get the chest up and sit your weight through the heels. Make sure the hips are open and the shoulders are pinned back. Avoid the temptation to adopt a head forward posture, this places considerable stress on the neck, upper body, and joints.

    Decide what your goal is and how much weight you should use. Carrying a lighter weight for longer time will build endurance, benefit your cardiovascular system and accelerate fat loss. While using a heavier weight for a shorter time will put emphasis on strength and muscle building.

    Consider using straps. Grip power is usually the limiting factor in the farmer's walk for most people. if your main goal is to build strength, use straps to make the grip easier, allowing you to focus working on your traps and core muscles.

    Walk in small, fast steps. Taking small steps will help to stop the equipment from swinging by your side.

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