Overhead Tricep Press

The Tricep press, also known as tricep extension is an isolation exercise that works your triceps, All you need is one dumbbell to do this exercise.

Beside the triceps, this exercise will also work stabilizing muscles in your shoulders, improving shoulder stability and mobility.

The triceps make up most of your arm, so if you want big arms, you have to train them hard. Just like its name, the triceps are consisted of three muscles, all working together to achieve elbow extension.

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How to do

  1. Stand up straight or sit on a bench and hold one dumbbell over your head with straight arms and both hands under the inner plate.
  2. With elbows over the head, lower the forearms behind your head by flexing the elbows, until your forearms are parallel to the floor.
  3. Raise the dumbbell back to the starting position by straightening your arms.

  4. You can do this exercise standing up or sitting down. Doing it standing up will require more of your core muscle to stabilize your torso. Sitting down will give you more stability, especially if you are using back support. You'll usually be able to lift more weight while sitting, since it allows you to focus only on your triceps.

    Make sure not to arch your lower back, and don't move your torso during the movement. If you find it hard to stay stable, use a chair with back support.

    Keep the elbows as close to your ears as possible. Moving the elbows will take away the tension from your triceps, making the exercise less effective.

    Make sure to use a weight you can manage well. Holding weights that are too heavy for you over your head, is never a good idea.

Muscles worked


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